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Conversa Language Services offers language training in the national capital region in Spanish, French, English and Portuguese. Clients include the federal government, non-profit organizations, private companies and individuals. Students benefit from a professional approach to language instruction where particular attention is paid to ensuring an enriched cultural experience.

The "Communicative Approach" is Conversa's method of choice. This approach focuses on mastering the spoken language and introduces grammar structures in a subtle yet systematic way. This combination helps students speak a new language in the shortest time possible. This unique teaching method eliminates hours of repetitive explanations, and endless translations - without sacrificing solid knowledge and sure usage. It is a method that seeks the "fast track" to language success!

All of the language instructors at Conversa have a strong background in teaching languages, and have received training in this unique communicative approach. Only when they have mastered this approach are then then qualified to teach the "Conversa Way". From the moment students arrive for their small-group or individual class, they will enjoy a friendly environment and relaxed atmosphere - an ambiance sure to contribute to successful acquisition of language skills.

If you live in Ottawa, learning or improving your French or English second language skills is "a must". Our experienced teachers can evaluate your language level, and prepare federal public servants for language testing whether it be oral, written or comprehension.

Spanish language training at Conversa is much more than simply acquiring language skills at an accelerated pace: it is an intercultural experience par excellence. Whether motivated by travel, business, or simply the love of learning, all can benefit from the 'little extras' at the school, and the taste for Latin America that Conversa's experienced teachers can provide. Likewise, learning Portuguese from teachers with a rich understand of culture and tradition enhances the learning experience.

Conversa is dedicated to providing a challenging and rich language experience, where skills improve rapidly. Learning is enhanced as students enjoy each other, their teachers and diverse cultural information and activities. Give Conversa a try. You won't be disappointed!