About Us

Director and Founder

The Director, Founder and driving force behind Conversa Language Services is Glenda Miralles, a well-known member of the Latin American community in the region. Glenda holds a B.A. in Spanish Studies from the University of Ottawa, recently completed the Sprott “Executive Management Development Program for Women “at Carleton University, and has studied Spanish Literature and Philosophy at the University of Chile, La Serena, Chile. Glenda has been successfully teaching Spanish in the Ottawa-Gatineau region for over 20 years. Through her years of teaching, she has developed the "Communicative Approach" that is unique to her school. Further, she has developed a wide network of professional teachers and translators who have been attracted to Conversa not only because of the teaching approach, but also because of the stimulating and engaging atmosphere of the school.

At Conversa, Glenda's dedication to, and involvement in, the Latin American community inspires others also to get involved. Glenda's strong interest in social justice, humanitarian projects and cultural exchange translate into a wealth of activities and opportunities for both teachers and students alike. The relaxed, yet stimulating and professional environment of the school is a direct result of the dynamic personality of Conversa's founder!