About Us

Integration and cultural activities

As noted in Conversa's mission statement, the school has become a centre for discovering the vibrant cultural organizations and activities in the Ottawa-Gatineau Latin American community. Conversa has its 'finger on the pulse' of what is happening in the region, and can point students towards:

  • travel agencies with specialized knowledge of travel options to and in South America.
  • food stores and markets, where typical Latin American food and products can be purchased.
  • book stores where Spanish and Portuguese books are available.
  • churches where mass is celebrated in Spanish.
  • magazines and local newspapers available in Spanish.
  • restaurants where latino food is served.
  • entertainment options, such as clubs and live events where Spanish music is performed.
  • dance studios where salsa, tango, flamenco and other dances can be learned and practiced.

If it is happening in the latino community in Ottawa-Gatineau, Conversa knows about it! As a 'hub' for this community, Conversa can point students who are so inclined to a wealth of activities where Spanish and Portuguese can be practiced, and where the hispanic culture can be enjoyed.

Convergencia de mujeres latino-canadienses

Here is an example of Conversa's extra-curricular activities. Conversa invites both Latina and Canadian women to an informal evening of discussion and information exchange - in Spanish, of course. The meeting takes place at Conversa beginning at 7 p.m. on the last Thursday of every month. The meeting has two basic objectives:

a) for Hispanic women (especially those recently relocated to the Ottawa-Gatineau region), here is a chance to adapt to the region, and to the country, by asking questions, seeking information, and finding ways to integrate into the Canadian way of life.

b) for Canadian women (especially those looking for opportunities to speak Spanish), here is a chance to answer questions, explain the ways of Canada, make new friends and learn the 'latina way' of expressing yourself.

This is an open invitation for women to come and enjoy a relaxed evening of exchange and information - in Spanish - guaranteed to have everyone laughing, smiling and making new connections.