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Accent Reduction - Introduction

Pre-requisite: ESL Advanced Level.

Congratulations on your ability to speak English at an advanced level. Now you wish to take your English language skills one very important step further!

The benefits of reducing or neutralizing your accent and using correct pronunciation are many!!

  • You won’t stand out because of the way you talk.
  • Your speech will be more easily understood in person and over the phone.
  • It will be less embarrassing for all, if your listeners don’t have to ask you repeatedly to repeat yourself!
  • People can focus more on what you’re saying, rather than being distracted by your foreign-sounding pronunciation and speech patterns
  • You can avoid being misunderstood by voice-activated telephone dialogues

Accent reduction and correct pronunciation may also include some of the following results:

  • chieving a higher or better paying position
  • increasing your changes of getting a job
  • aspiring to higher heights in general
  • enjoying the respect you'll receive from your peers, family, colleagues and strangers, too, thanks to your achievement!