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English Second Language

  • To increase your comprehension
  • To improve your pronunciation.
  • To improve your application of correct grammar.

    Our regular ESL program is based on the four components of Conversa’s communicative approach to language training. Conversation is practiced at each class. Participants practice what is required to say in day-to-day situations and hold conversations with each other. Vocabulary is presented each lesson in support of the situations, and grammar concepts are introduced as required each class without “burdening” students with the jargon typical of grammatical structures. (Please note: participants will practice grammar; we’re just subtle in presenting it!!) And finally, each class consists of reading related texts, for correct pronunciation, intonation and comprehension.

  • Private instruction, day or evening
  • Semi-private with 2 or 3 students, day or evening (at Conversa or at your work place)
  • Small group course with 4-6 students, evenings

In order to determine a student's level, we offer an assessment (free of charge). This is done by phone in the form of a conversation that takes approximately 20 minutes. If you require an assessment, please provide your phone number and suggest a time for us to contact you.


At Conversa, as soon as we have 4-6 registration from students of the same level available at the same time, we can start a course. For this reason, we ask students when registering to indicate what your availability is (which evening and what time... 5-7 or 7-9). We schedule courses based on the availability of our students.


Private instruction from: 35.00/hour
Semi-private with 2 students: 45.00/hour
Semi-private with 3 students: 50.00/hour
Small group courses: 225.00 (2-hour classes x 8 weeks)