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Home Stay - Curriculum


4 weeks, 100 hours, offered 6 x per year


16 weeks, 400 hours, offered 3 x per year

  • Students’ language skills are assessed during a 15- to 20-minute telephone conversation to determine your level (beginner, intermediate, advanced).
  • Classes last six hours/day (5 hours instruction, 30-minute lunch break plus two 15-minute breaks: mid-morning and mid-afternoon).
  • Communicative approach to language instruction
  • Two teachers (morning / afternoon)

Each day will include (among other activities) the following components:

  • Conversation and vocabulary building;
  • Explanation of grammar structures to enable students to grasp and master the elements of good grammar and comprehension practice from reading and analyzing level-appropriate texts, followed by oral and written exercises.
  • Instruction is varied to keep participants alert and involved.

Canadians are equally welcome to participate in the home stay program.