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Level Advanced

At the advanced level, more emphasis is placed on conversation.  Students will practice expressing themselves with greater refinement, politeness, diplomacy.

Advanced 1
  • Students learn the methods of express obligation (personal and impersonal) and the absence of obligation; discuss conditional situations, give instructions and orders and used
  • Participants will also be able to express continuity and duration as well as express one action interrupted by another. Participants will start this course with a review of the four past tenses, followed by the conditional and the subjunctive (present).
  • Students will discuss the Internet; learn additional vocabulary to provide biographies; express and justify opinions, express agreement and disagreement.
Advanced 2
  • Continuing with a refined and sophisticated form of expression in the past tense, students will learn the subjunctive, imperfect.
  • Students will be able to give and follow somewhat complex instructions; discuss personal transportation, personal health at an increasing higher level (than intermediate)
  • Participants will also discuss the main or common features of newspapers.
Advanced 3
  • Participants will be able to discuss travel or other incidents, placing actions in time; express wishes, fears and complaints.
  • Students will be able to make comparisons, ask for confirmations when in doubt, present endless theories, hypotheses, etc., with the addition of the Subjunctive perfect and pluperfect.Vocabulary focuses on tourism, travel and work.

At the conclusion of advanced level, participants are expected to be conversant in most topics of day-to-day living and be able to express themselves with some degree of sophistication in terms of asking for or giving directions or instructions, offering or receiving suggestions / recommendations, giving or receiving opinions. Participants are expected to be able to pick up any Latin-American newspaper or periodical and find, read and understand what they were looking for.