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Schedule - SUMMER 2017

Conversa’s schedule changes approximately every month. To illustrate, at the end of their class, if a group of 4-6 students at Beginner 1 level Wednesday at 5-7 wish to continue at the same time/day, then in the new session, that time slot becomes Beginner 2. If space is available, 1 or 2 new students can start the new Beginner 2 class. As well, a new class can start at any time during a “session” as long as we have registrations from 4-6 students at the same level available at the same time. For this reason, it is helpful if you register as soon as you recognize that you are interested.

Morning Private classes of 1.5 or 2.0 hours can be scheduled.
12:00 pm - 1pm
Afternoon Private classes of 1.5 or 2.0 hours can be scheduled.
5pm - 7pm PORTUGUESE
Beginner III
Starts July 10

Intermediate II
Starts July 12

7pm - 9pm PORTUGUESE
Beginner I
Starts July 3

Advanced I
Starts July 12


Evening courses

Courses are 8 weeks x 2.0 hours per class (16 hours). Fee: $250 + HST, payable first class. Minimum 4 students


From $40.00 / hour; minimum 1.5 hours per class; standard class is 2.0 hours.


Payment by Interac E-Transfer, debit, cheque or cash payable to Conversa Language Services. Fees are per course. No refund for absences.