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Our regular program is based on the four components of Conversa’s communicative approach to language training. Conversation is practiced at each class. Participants practice what is required to say in day-to-day situations and hold conversations with each other. Vocabulary is presented each lesson in support of the situations, and grammar concepts are introduced as required each class without “burdening” students with the jargon typical of grammatical structures. (Please note: participants will practice grammar; we’re just subtle in presenting it!!) And finally, each class consists of reading related texts, for correct pronunciation, intonation and comprehension.

  • To travel to Latin America / Spain
  • To work in a South American country, especially in connection to the communities in need
  • To read and understand the works of Pablo Neruda
  • Marrying into a Spanish-speaking family
  • Working with an organization that trades with Central and South America
  • Have always wanted to, simply for the love of language!

What reason do you have?

Customized Program

Customized courses are offered in the following areas, based on participants’ needs:

  • Tourism/Travel
    For both business and vacation travelers, to learn the basic aspects of travel such as: at the airport, going through customs, taking a taxi or other means of transportation, at the hotel, ordering in a restaurant, asking for directions to services such as the post office, bank, embassy, etc.
  • Government
    (intermediate or advanced levels) - commerce and trade, diplomacy, negotiations, politics, administration, environment
  • Technical/Industry
    (intermediate or advanced levels) - telecommunications, engineering, agriculture, etc.
  • Intercultural
    for the person interested in communicating in a foreign language both linguistically and culturally

Some of the above courses will be scheduled only if the minimum number of participants is attained. On the other hand, “customized” courses, by definition, are usually taught as private lessons.

Instruction Options (for both regular and customized courses)
  • Small Group class:
    Class size is small (4 to 6 participants) in order to allow each student the opportunity to practice conversation in the day-to-day situations that are presented in the class and to allow for maximum student-teacher interaction.
  • Semi-private class:
    2 to 3 students – The pace of semi-private classes is faster than that of a small-group class. With greater opportunity (than in a 4-6 student, small-group setting) for student-teacher interaction and conversation, students learn faster in this environment.
  • One-on-one class:
    This format offers the most flexibility in terms of scheduling and the participant can advance at his own pace and benefit from having the full attention of the language instructor. The cost of this format is higher but the results are expected to be faster.
Organization of Groups

Small-group courses are usually held in the evening. Because our class size is small (4-6 participants) courses are scheduled based on the participants’ preferences. When contacting us, it is important to inform us when you are available and which time slot you prefer (5-7 pm or 7-9 pm). As soon as 4-6 people at the same level are available at the same time, then your course can be scheduled. We then advise the group by email of the start date. At the conclusion of the 8-week course, if at least 4 students wish to continue language training at the next level, the group can choose to keep the same time slot. Empty spots are then offered to new students on our waiting list. Our flexibility is for you, our students! It is important to note, therefore, that although we may publicize a course, for example, on Monday from 7-9, we are equally flexible to offer it on Tuesday, if 4-6 people confirm their interest and availability. Conversa reserves the right to postpone (delay) a class that does not have a minimum of four confirmed registrations.

Certificate of Participation

After successfully achieving a higher level, at students’ request, Conversa will provide a certificate to recognize your linguistic accomplishment with Conversa Language Services.