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Level Intermediate

Students receive a strong grounding at the beginner level, which is divided into four parts.

Intermediate 1
  • Participants will be able to describe activities in the recent past, present their autobiography, make an appointment with a doctor and describe basic medical problems and cures.
  • Students will also be able to get around at the airport and ask for or give information about transportation.

  • Students will learn the vocabulary of the human body, illnesses, states of emotion; as well as that of different means of transportation.
  • Students learn the simple past tense (preterit) of approx. 15 of the most frequently used verbs and the imperfect, and will be able to distinguish which past tense to use under different circumstances and expressions of time.
Intermediate 2
  • Participants will be able to describe things, places and people using the past tense; express continuity, describe habits over a time span and actions that occurred prior to the past as well as be able to narrate an accident, and make an appointment with an auto-mechanic, for example.
  • Students learn basic terminology regarding cars and mechanical repairs, traffic signs, directions as well as.
  • Participants will learn the pluperfect and the pass√© compose and how to relate actions that occurred prior to the past.
Intermediate 3
  • Students will learn the most suitable method of giving instructions, expressing wishes, intentions, probability or doubt; make predictions, be able to discuss hypothetical situations and make recommendations.
  • Participants learn the vocabulary for the field of sports and that associated with cooking, recipes, reading instruction manuals, writing business or personal letters, email.
  • Participants will learn the imperative, simple future and conditional tenses, as well as expressions of time.

During the intermediate level progressively greater emphasis is placed on conversation. Students will learn about, among other things, the lives of famous people associated with the countries of their targeted language, by means of student presentations.